Optical Grade Polymer Base Films
Triacetate - TAC Film Alternatives. Ultra Clear Optical Base Film

VLB & LB Product Data Sheet
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OC Grade Optical Polymer Films are solvent cast, high clarity, polymer films with very low birefringence and haze. These films are an excellent alternative to Triacetate or TAC Films. The optical properties of OC Grade Films make them an excellent choice for use in polarizers, LCDs, Video Projection, Scientific Test Equipment and other demanding optical applications.

OC Grade Standard Products

VLB Grade Film are high performance, with high heat resistance up to 120º C. This grade of polymer film features maximum transparency while haze and light scattering is minimized. In addition this film will not yellow over time, and can withstand high lux and temperature exposure without shifts in its optical properties.

  • Thickness: .003", .005" (80um, 120um), OPD < 10nm
  • .007”, .010”, .013” (175um, 250um, 325um), OPD < 20nm
  • Width: up to 50" wide

LB Grade Film is an excellent general purpose high clarity film. It is ideal for room temperature applications.

  • Thickness: .001 to .002" (24um to 50um), OPD < 10nm
  • Thickness: .003" (75um), OPD < 25nm
  • Thickness: .005" (120um), OPD < 20nm
  • Width: up to 50" wide

Product Features

  • Very Low Birefringence
  • Ultra Clear, High Optical Transmission
  • Very Low Haze
  • High Gloss Surface
  • Very Low Defect Count
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Commercially Available
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Tri-Acetate, CAB and Polycarbonate

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