HWEP Grade Polymer Film - Half Wave Film
Half Wave Optical Waveplate Base Film

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OptiGrafix™ HWEP Grade Films are high clarity, chromatic half wave plates made from a single layer of polymer film which have superior light transmission and dimensional stability. HWEP Grade Film are high performance, with high heat resistance up to 85 degrees C. This grade of retarder maximizes transparency while haze and light scattering is minimized. In addition this film will not yellow over time and can withstand high lux and temperature exposure without shifts in its optical properties. Our HWEP Grade Film products are easy to handle and apply in a variety of retarder applications such as LCD's, fiber optics, and other coherent and polarized light applications.

Our Half-Wave Optical Film can be custom manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.

Manufactured to custom levels of birefringence up to 300nm.

.007"/175um 200nm to 300nm (+/- 10nm)
Standard Widths: 17+", available up to 34+"

Custom manufactured film with additives such as color filter dyes, pigments, fluorescent dyes, optical brighteners, UV inhibitors and other additives available.

Product Features

  • Very Uniform Birefringence
  • 50% Thinner Than Most Polymer Light Retarder Plates
  • High Heat Resistance
  • A Solid Polymer Film (Not a Composite Lamination)
  • High Clarity, Low Haze, Excellent Optical Transmission
  • Minimal Defect Count
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Commercially Available
  • Cost Effective Alternative to PVA Laminate.

OptiGrafix™ is a product of Grafix Plastics®

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