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When you want to reflect light, OptiGrafix Reflective Films are the answer. These Films include Reflector/Diffuser Films in several different shades, and Mirror Film. OptiGrafix Reflective Films are designed NOT to interfere with polarized light making them ideal for indoor, outdoor and hybrid electronic displays. Best of all these products are thin and flexible allowing greater latitude for the most demanding lighting designs. These film products are ideal for a variety of demanding lighting applications; such as:

Diffuser/Reflector Film: A 125um thick film designed to efficiently reflect visible light while breaking up specular reflection. Available in three grades each providing a variation in
reflection/diffusion characteristics:
Course, Fine and White

Mirror Film: Available in 50um and 125um thicknesses. A high quality metallized polymer film which is an excellent thin film mirror, at an economical price point.

Product Features:

  • Thin polymer film construction
  • Will not interfere with polarized lights
  • Available in different shades
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Commercially available

OptiGrafix™ is a product of Grafix Plastics®

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