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Grafix Plastics Anti-Glare Film (LB-AG) is a high clarity, low birefringent base film with a one side anti-glare hard coating. Our LB-AG films are ideal for applications that require the minimization of specular reflection of ambient light, while maintaining transmission. Further our LB-AG films will not interfere with polarizerd light.

LB-AG is a custom manufactured film available in range of gloss levels and thicknesses. This makes our LB-AG film ideal for a range of applications, from hand held displays to projection displays. Because our AG surface is a hard coating, it is designed to be used as a first surface on top of Display Glass, Acrylic or Polycarbonate. Our highly uniform anti-glare surface is scratch and scuff resistant as well as resistant to most houshold chemcials.

Product Features

  • Thin polymer construction
  • 90% Transmission
  • Scratch, Scuff Resistant Surface
  • 3H Surface Harness
  • Resistant to household chemicals
  • Will not interfere with polarized light
  • Commercially available

Available Configurations:

  • Thickness range: .002" to .007" (50um to 175um)
  • Gloss level: 60-10gu (measured against black background)
  • Base Film configurations: (additives such as color filter dyes, pigments, fluorescent dyes, optical brighteners, UV inhibitors and others)
  • Masking Film: 1 or 2/side masking available
  • With or without Optical Adhesive

*** Note: This is a custom manufactured product ion limited configurations are in stock

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